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NFCA Advertising

Advertising Info

  • Our monthly newspaper, Fastpitch Delivery, is sent electronically or in hard copy to our membership.
  • Our newsletter, Fastpitch Connected, is emailed weekly (biweekly in the off-season) to our membership.
  • Top Recruit is our annual, student-athlete magazine. The next issue accepting ads is spring of 2019.
  • With over 1.3 million page views annually and 313,000 users, NFCA.org is one of the most visited softball websites in the country.

Advertising Guidelines

  • *All ad payments must be received at the time ad is submitted.
  • *NO AD WILL RUN without prior payment.
  • *Newspaper ads must be received on the 1st of the month prior to published ad date.
  • *Website ad payments must be received on or before the 1st or 15th of every month. Website ads will be placed within 2-3 business days.
  • *If necessary, the NFCA must approve alternate payment plans.

More Info

Interested In Advertising?

Be seen by hundreds of thousands of softball fans from all over the country through our website and publications! With a variety of options spanning various platforms, we have the awareness you are looking for.

  • Website

    With over 1.3 million page views, 313,000 users and an average of 2 minutes and 33 seconds spent per visit, the NFCA website is the place to BE and BE SEEN.
    SPECS: 440x403 pixels, 96 dpi

    Gold level: Home page/menu ads
    3 months 6 months 12 months
    $400/month $350/month $275/month
    Silver Level: Home page/side page ads
    3 months 6 months 12 months
    $350/month $300/month $225/month
    Bronze Level: Individual pages (i.e. Awards, Polls, etc.)
    3 months 6 months 12 months
    $300/month $250/month $175/month
  • Digital Newsletter

    Sent weekly to our membership, banner ads are available for purchase in our Fastpitch Connected newsletter. In conjunction with current events, player of the week awards, NFCA initiatives and other happenings, be seen repeatedly (4x) over the course of a month.
    SPECS: 600x150 pixels, 96 dpi

  • Electronic/Print Newspaper

    An NFCA staple, our Fastpitch Delivery newspaper is sent to our membership monthly in both print and electronic editions. Published 12 times a year, this publication will cover skill work, mental game, Convention, current events and member contributions.
    SPECS: Full-page (10.15”w x 12.65”h), half-page (10.15”w x 6.325”h), quarter-page (5”w x 6.325”h); 300 dpi and sent as PDF. Printed by an offset web press on newsprint with a set-up charge of $100 for non-camera-ready ads.

    Full-page $500 BW/$700 color
    Half-page $350 BW/$550 color
    Quarter-page $200 BW/$300 color
  • Sponsored Educational Content

    Think Buzzfeed, but for softball. Published in our monthly newspaper, you can write a column for us educating our members on your topic of choice and how your product/service fits their needs. It’s an ad and relevant content for our readers all-in-one!
    SPECS: Full-page (10.15”w x 12.65”h or roughly XXX words), half-page (10.15”w x 6.325”h or roughly XXX words); 300 dpi and sent as PDF. Printed by an offset web press on newsprint with a set-up charge of $100 for non-camera-ready ads.

    Full-page $500 BW/month
    Half-page $350 BW/month
  • Annual Magazine

    Looking to target student-athletes specifically? Our annual magazine, Top Recruit, is your place to be! This publication covers mental training, nutrition, skill work, recruiting and much more! It is distributed at our summer camps, our member coaches’ camps and promoted on social media throughout the year. Ads are now being accepted for our spring 2019 issue.
    SPECS: Full-page (8.25”w x 10.25”h), half-page (8.25”w x 5”h), quarter-page (4”w x 5”h); bleed size .5” for a full-page; 300 dpi, four-color process and saved as PDF. There is a $100 fee for non-camera-ready ads.

    Full-page $800
    Half-page $475
    Quarter-page $325
  • Coaches Clinic Speaker Outlines

    Have your ad in the hands of over 2,400 grassroots coaches all across the country. This is a great opportunity to target the high school and travel ball community, especially if you cannot join us in person as a vendor!
    SPECS: Full-page (7.5”w x 10”h), half-page (7.5”w x 5”h); 300dpi, full color and sent as PDF. Ads must be received by Nov. 1, 2018.

    Full-page $800
    Half-page $600
  • Convention Speaker Outlines

    For the first time ever, we’re excited to offer you the opportunity to have your ad placed in our Convention speaker outlines! With our record breaking attendance of just under 1,700 coaches, be seen by ALL levels of coaches, emeriti and affiliate members.
    SPECS: Full-page (7.5”w x 10”h), half-page (7.5”w x 5”h); 300dpi, full color and sent as PDF. Ads must be received by Oct. 1, 2018.

    Full-page $800
    Half-page $600
  • Travel Ball Newsletter

    Looking to target travel ball coaches specifically? This is your chance! Place a banner ad in our monthly travel ball newsletter that heads to over 1,400 grassroots coaches. SPECS: 600x150 pixels, 96 dpi $250/month

Interested in advertising? Email Marketing & Sponsorships Specialist, Emily Allard, at emily@nfca.org.