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Coaches College (NFCC)


National Fastpitch Coaches College


Even though I have taken most classes multiple times I continue to learn as each instructor has a different way of presenting things and I try to take the best that each instructor has to offer." -Sean Hall, Travel Ball, Midwest Speed

Where else can you receive the unique learning opportunity to receive in-depth information from top coaches in the game that features the live demonstration of drills and the ability to have all of your questions answered over a two-day span? The NFCC is a unique program that is unmatched in its content and access to the premier coaches in the game. You will learn how to elevate your athletes' game by attending any or all of the eight courses offered by the NFCA.

An NCAA Division I coach once said after taking a course, “It was very beneficial. Especially enjoyed their ability to provide information to all levels of coaching (travel ball, high school, college).

The NFCC was created to serve the coach who is looking for the most in-depth information possible in a given aspect of our game. From off-the-field scenarios to pitching analysis and everything in between, the NFCC will meet and exceed your needs as a coach. Available throughout the United States, NFCC courses can be taken multiple times for a different perspective each time. What makes the NFCC so special is the content varies greatly depending on who is facilitating the course. It is not a textbook to regurgitate from, but rather a hands-on look at how top programs emphasize specific aspects of the game within their programs.

Introduced in 2019, the NFCA is proud to announce a new initiative to recognize coaches who have a vested interest in hitting and pitching, and who have committed to their personal and professional growth through NFCA-sponsored education. An official NFCA coaching endorsement will be provided to coaches who attend three pitching or hitting-specific courses in a four-year period.

You have many choices on how to increase your knowledge, improve your coaching methods, and critically analyze the endless strategy in the game of fastpitch softball, but we promise that none of those options are like an NFCC course. Sign up today and let the learning begin!