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NFCA Testimonials

NFCC 401

“Fortunate to attend a course conducted by 3 Hall-of-Famers. Their rich experience and sharing have enhanced my understanding of Championship management.”
–Division I Coach

“I have taken 6 courses; this by far is the best course, great instructors.”
-Travel Ball Coach

“The Art of Championship Coaching, Phenomenal, Wonderful, Staggering, Overwhelming, Organized, and Delivered perfectly, these are some of the things that were said to me from members of the class. My feelings are as follows: I think that the trust and confidence that was displayed by the instructors toward one another in the pursuit of sharing information and helping coaches was the perfect mix of professionalism and extreme expertise in their field. It was the smooth transitions and back and forth style that allowed us to see three perspectives of every single topic. Not one instructor took the easy way out on any one topic. They each weighed in which allows us to find a style that we can relate with and make our own when we return to our programs. The way that the Nebraska coaching staff bared their soul and shared with us emotional moments, not just their triumphs but also their failures as a staff that led them in a direction toward their success was astonishing. Coaches don't like to share their vulnerability in my experience. This combined with the raw honesty of Gayle Blevins revealing her direct approach toward her teams success and the no nonsense way that she taught while finding a way to connect with players was really amazing. Cindy Bristow tops it off with the willingness to say anything and the complete commitment to developing people first. This was not only the most informative class I have been to but also the most fun. It also created an environment that we felt comfortable to interact with the class members as well, forming contacts and relationships that will prove valuable over time. This is the first class that I have experienced this as well. Loved it and will take it again two years from now.”
-High School Coach

“By far the best course I have taken so far. I learned a lot from these three amazing coaches. I would highly recommend it to anyone that might be interested in attending this course.”
–Division I Coach

NFCC 407

“The course was really well done! The instructors were top notch, and the information was applicable. I am a better coach because of the NFCC Courses.”
–Division I Coach

NFCC 402

“This is the second time I've taken this course and I learned so much again!”
–Division I Coach

NFCC 403

“This course was so much fun and kept your attention. I am now a four star and this course has so much information that I will DEFINITELY use... Loved it!!!!”
–High School Coach

“The coaches were outstanding. They wroked so hard to share information and they made themselves so available. Thank you!”
–High School Coach

NFCC 404

“Cindy is an incredible teacher, who always brings tons of insights to everyone in the room. These courses have coaches ranging from 10U to large DI's. She teaches everyone in the class lots of valuable lessons and does it in every course that she teaches. She is off the charts!”
–Division I Coach

“Absolutely one of the best classes I have taken with the NFCC. I have taken 6 too. The instructors were well versed, energetic, and gave us great drills to implement with our teams. So glad I took the class and can't wait to get started!”
–Diana Pepin, DIII Coach

“This class is by far better than any other class, clinic or convention that I have attended…Great Job!!!”
–High School Coach

“This was my first class so I was not sure what to expect. I have attended coaching clinics but none that performed drills live. That was one of the best elements of the course! I also loved the group activities and the opportunity to converse with other coaches about strategies and tactics. I will definitely attend more classes in the future! It was a great experience for me and my coaching staff.”
–High School Coach

“Loved this course and I will take it again to refresh myself. The teachers were wonderful and helpful. They are more than willing to advise in a direction that suits your team. Wherever your teams skill level may be. This class opened my eyes a little more to what my defense has been missing. Thanks to the NFCC for providing such great material for coaches from all different areas of the U.S. and levels of the game. You were excellent!”
–NAIA Coach

NFCC 405

“I highly recommend the NFCC 405 class for any coach who is serious about taking their game to the next level. The class was very collaborative and interactive. Each instructor was motivating, informative and spoke openly about their own offensive philosophies and strategies. This class made me grow as a coach and I look forward to taking more like this in the future.”
–Division I Coach

“I LOVED this course. This was my first NFCA course, and I got so much out of it. The instructors were great on all levels. The instructors did a great job asking if there were topics we wanted covered. They left no stone unturned. I cannot wait to take my next course! Thank you!”
–Division I Coach

“Very beneficial. Especially enjoyed their ability to provide information to all levels of coaching (travel ball, high school, college)”
–Division I Coach

“I had a great experience with my first NFCC course. Looking forward to many more!”
–Division I Coach

NFCC 406

“Overall the course went above and beyond my level of expectation! In my experience, these type of events are largely dependent upon the lead instructor. It was evident that Ms. Bruggeman was the most organized and prepared in her delivery. Her passion, energy & genuine personality is second to none.”
–Division III Coach

“Great speaker line up. One of the things that made this clinic so worthwhile is that the speakers were genuine and enthusiastically willing to answer questions from coaches. They did a tremendous job of not separating themselves as coaches from the attending coaches. This only strengthens the credibility and integrity the speakers already have. High credibility and integrity make it easier and more desirable to follow them - much like their players do. Extremely evident why they are such effective coaches.”
–Travel Ball Coach

“I really enjoyed the course and felt like I learned a lot of things I was able to implement in practice this week. It feels good to have that rush of passion when you are in a season instead of over Christmas break. Very good stuff!”
–Division II Coach

NFCC 408

“I thought the course was well run. The instructors had and extensive knowledge base and used the resources provided in an excellent manner.”
–Travel Ball Coach

"It's like going to Hollywood and being behind the scenes on a movie set. It's such a unique opportunity and experience."
–DI Coach

"This NFCC course allowed me to see another perspective on pre-game preparation, scouting opponents, and in-game charting. Additionally, having the amazing opportunity to meet with WCWS participating head coaches was incredibly insightful. Coach Alameda, Coach Ford, Coach Inouye-Perez, Coach Walker and Coach Tarr were incredibly giving of their time and willing to give advice and insight into what makes their respective programs successful."
- Division I Assistant Coach

"It is one thing to go to a clinic and have someone tell you, from their already prepared presentation about some aspect of coaching. It is quite another thing to sit with a DI coach during the games at the WCWS and evaluate coaching decisions and plays in real time. When coupled with the in-class time and instruction on team evaluation, using charts and other aspects of softball coaching I would say this was the most educational and fun learning program I have attended."
- DII Coach

"I have been coaching high school & travel ball for over 15 years, and this course was the most useful clinic type event that I have ever attended. It is an experience that all coaches should experience".
- HS Coach

"Such an awesome course!! I’m so thankful to be able to learn from such incredible people. I’m so appreciative of the NFCA and for the leadership we have in the NFCA. I’m so proud to be a member of this organization. You all are incredible! Thank you so much. This course and all of the coursework has been absolutely brilliant! I can’t think of a better way to complete my 4-star it at the WCWS. And now to start again. Thank you!!"
- TB Coach